Please read this carefully and ensure that you agree with the information below before making an appointment for our services.

Energy healing, Counseling or Channeled Guidance are used as alternative healing modalities and are not a substitute for medical treatment. Clients take full responsibility for their decision to request the services provided at Mani Healing knowing fully well that the energy healing, spiritual counseling or guidance rendered is not a cure, an imposition or proclamation of a guaranteed life occurrence, and should by no means be substituted for advice and treatment from a registered medical practitioner.

These services can be and are advised to be used only in conjunction with regular medical treatment as per each individual’s free will and are not meant to take precedence over medical advice rendered by medical professionals unless so decided by the client.
Each individual’s health and emotional well-being is his or her own responsibility and Mani Healing does not take any responsibility for any continuing physical ailments or life management issues faced by the clients.
All the sessions are confidential and information provided by the client would not be shared with anyone. Although all services at Mani Healing are provided with the best intentions for the clients, any advice or guidance for a prospective or continued medical treatment should be acted upon only after consultation with a medical professional. All sessions are non-refundable and clients are fully responsible for paying for all the services provided by Mani Healing.

Clients also acknowledge that guidance, and counseling services are to be used as references only and the outcome as suggested or advice as rendered during these services is merely an option presented to the client. Our reality is created everyday by our own actions and thought process and it is each individual’s personal responsibility to manage his or her physical health and emotional, financial, personal and social well being to the best of his or her capacity and thus, make decisions thereof.

Mani Healing also does not take any responsibility for any residual physical problems subsequent to the healing sessions and strongly recommends all clients to seek appropriate and relevant medical treatment for the same. Mani Healing recommends all clients to read and do their own research about Energy Healing, Spiritual Counseling and Channeled Guidance so as to be able to make an informed decision to avail any of our services.