I offer my Healing Services by means of:

  1. Energy Healing and Balancing - To heal the physical body and mind of ailments, blockages and promote a sense of over all well being. For further details and a complete list of sessions please go to services section.
  2. Angel Card Readings- These sessions impart psychic and intuitive loving guidance from the source. Angels and Ascended Light Beings are around all of us at all times. Even our deceased loved ones are often around us as our guides or guardian angels. Most people are not able to connect with them directly due to earth based ego conditioning and fears. During these sessions I connect on behalf of my clients with angels, ascended beings, guardian angels, higher wisdom and spirit guides to provide them with channeled messages, advice and healing wisdom that might be relevant to their past, present or future. These sessions serve to provide answers to life dilemmas, heal traumas, challenges and enable us to lead our lives in a more loving and joyful manner and with greater clarity.
  3. Emotional and Spiritual Counseling - Render Advise and Counsel to the client about the area of life that they need help with, and wish to heal. I am being particularly guided to work with sensitive and creative children and adults, and people suffering from a personal loss.
  4. Workshops - I offer a variety of workshops related to healing, personal leadership and an inspired way of living. All healing related workshops are suited for practicing healers and those new to healing. These are meant as a teaching tool for you to take charge of your life, start practicing healings for your self and others or to move forward on a new career path and hobby. My other workshops are aimed at individuals and organizations in leadership roles, future leaders, and for all those who wish to lead an inspired life and leave their footprints in the sands of time.

Remote Sessions - All services (except my workshops) can be provided in remote/ distant settings or through one to one personal sessions. For serious ailments, Distance Healing sessions may sometimes entail two to three hours of transmission of energy or more. Client would be notified in advance. Angel Card Readings and Counseling services can also be provided remotely through skype, phone and emails upon special request.

Personal Sessions – You are most welcome to make an appointment to see me in person. One session is usually an hour long.

All sessions require prior booking. While booking, the clients would need to specify what kind of sessions they like scheduled- Healing, Counseling or Guidance, and

Remote or Personal. All remote sessions need to be paid in advance.

After the initial booking, which can be done through phone, email or my website, clients who have booked for remote/ distant sessions would be required to send me an email, with their background and profile, photograph, details of the area of life that they need healing, counseling or guidance for.

Make your payment through Pay Pal. Free Healings may be provided to people under very special circumstances, and I trust that if you have been guided to me, then you would be truthful in your pursuit of healing.

I would advise you, if you need more than one sessions or a combination of sessions of healing/counseling/guidance, etc. Sometimes a healing session may need to be complemented with a counseling/guidance session and vice-versa. The final decision is of course yours.

To sustain your healing, I may also advice you to undertake some other activities like enrolling for personal fitness classes or anything else that may come up at the time. (Refer to next section for some tips)

Sometimes the results of the healings might be seen after a few days.

Many a times we have blocks in our minds, and it is us who do not wish to be healed. Please do not hesitate to contact for subsequent healings and further advice.

In some cases I may be guided to direct you to some other holistic service providers etc for additional benefit and would advise you likewise. Final decision is again yours. Please note, that you will be required to pay the fees separately for other service providers.

Counseling sessions are specific to client’s needs and pertain to the areas they need advice or guidance for.

I do not encourage unsolicited sessions.

I would try my best to accommodate all requests for personal appointments. However, I do apologize in advance if I am unable to grant your request, due to prior engagements and a busy schedule.