“Healing begins with our own Karma”.

Healing oneself is the first step in being a source of healing for others. Your healing process starts, once you take the first step towards your own healing.

  • Gratitude -Be thankful to the Universe for this act of kindness and for guiding you towards your own healing. Be grateful to anyone else who you think has contributed to your healed reality including the healer and even the people who you think have created problems for you because in effect those people are your greatest teachers.
  • Dedication - that you have been healed is a reflection of your good Karma. And dedicating your good health and healed reality of your life to bringing benefit to others will further multiply good karma and enable you to sustain your healing.
  • Nurture - Nurture and take care of yourself, love yourself, because only when we love ourselves, can we love others. Nurture and express your love and concern towards your family members, your parents, beloved, husbands, wives, children, brothers, sisters, extended family and friends. Initiate nurturing activities like planting a tree, taking care of a child, performing unexpected unplanned acts of kindness that you would have otherwise ignored like helping your neighbor or an elderly person walking the road.
  • Share - Share a part of yourself with others like your family, friends and community and a very effective way is - to share your earnings. Donate money to charities that you feel drawn to or those working in areas that YOU wish to make progress in. At Mani Healing, I pledge 20% of all fees paid to charitable causes and organizations.
  • Intent - Whatever you do, do it with a good intent and not for selfish reasons or for your ego. Dedicate the benefits and merits generated through your kind acts to the well-being of your family, friends, loved ones, all sentient beings, world peace, and well-being of Mother Earth.
  • Fitness of Body and Mind - Exercise regularly and start substituting your negative thought patterns with thoughts of love, abundance, joy and compassion.
  • Pray- Pray everyday and in your daily prayers include others and bless them with good health and abundance. You will continue to be blessed with good health and abundance.
  • Meditate - Take some time out everyday alone to meditate or just be with yourself in the quietude of your mind.
  • Recommend someone else who you think may need healing and may benefit from it- to Mani Healing or elsewhere.
  • Remember- it’s YOUR healing- the healer would heal you but to sustain your healing is up to you.