My name Mani is a Sanskrit word that means a precious jewel and is also the name of a well-known Buddhist mantra of compassion and healing - The Mani Mantra- “Om Mani Peme Hung”.

I believe that most life challenges occur just so we can face our own truth. They have the power to bring us closer to who we truly are.

I had always been a highly sensitive child and adult. Long before I knew what energy healing was, I began to feel the urge to heal people if I learnt of someone being sick or in pain. However, I myself thought this bizarre and mostly ignored any such inner promptings for the fear of being laughed at, or being considered crazy.

As a child, I had even seriously considered entering medical profession due to my penchant for helping people, but the sight of a dead cockroach during a Biology practical laid those plans to rest for ever.

A life transformative incident few years ago, spurred me on my spiritual journey and brought me in close contact with Buddhist philosophy and Tibetan Buddhism, and also led me to get up, close and personal with my healing capabilities.

Finally, I began to face what I had been avoiding for several years. I quietly began to do healings for my close family members, while still being reluctant to openly share or talk about this gift bestowed by some higher force, or the divine power that resides dormant in all of us.

This reluctance stemmed from a belief that true healings happen in a state of no ego. And I saw no reason to start talking about any of this and thus, feed my own ego and use it as a tool for self-clinging.

But there was always the urge to reach out to more and more people and be of service in whatever way possible.

And after resisting for a long-long time, I am now being most definitely ‘guided’ to set up “Mani Healing”.

Mani Healing is a not for profit enterprise. It is a humble source and medium to heal physical ailments or any other areas of people’s lives. The fees charged for the services is the energy exchange that helps us with our basic upkeep, pay our costs, support social projects and continue to be of service.

I have set out with the firm and pure intention of being a clear channel of divine healing, love, compassion, wisdom and a source of benefit to you and all sentient beings. Thus, Mani Healing is aimed towards a better state of our world.

Twenty percent of all fees charged are pledged by me to support some beneficial and spiritual causes, charities, organizations and foundations working for children, elderly, environment and health care. This is done in the name of Mani Healing and my clients who are guided to me, with the intent of everyone maintaining their healing, benefiting from our services, and bringing benefit to others and this world in the process.

Healing is not just related to the illness of physical body but also to other aspects of our lives. Our thoughts create our reality and our thought process, thinking patterns and the way we act or feel are conditioned by our surroundings, upbringing, and our own perceptions of our selves or others.

Often, certain life events overwhelm us and we find ourselves sparsely equipped to deal with any of that. Sometimes, life does not seem to be going in the direction that we wish it to and all we crave for at such times is someone we could speak to, who would not judge us and perhaps give us some advice and has the wisdom and vision to do so, because often most advice that we get from family and friends is a reflection of their conditioning and self-clinging. This is where I come in, and hope to be able to fill the gap for you.

So if you have been guided to me, I’ll do my best to heal you or any areas of your life that require healing. Please do refer to the services section. However, I am just a tool, a channel, a medium, an instrument, a connection between you, your higher self and the Supreme Being that has been placed in your path towards progress. The real work has to be done by you. Your power lies within.

I promise I’ll do my share.
With Love and Blessings

- Mani