We thought we were going to lose my grandmother and family members had started making frantic calls to each other. Mani advised me to correct our collective attitude, if we really wanted my grandmother to get well and told me she’ll try to heal her through distance. I am not sure what happened or what Mani did, but things improved, soon after at all levels, we even ended up getting a new and better doctor and my grandmother is healthier. I think Mani’s healings work at various levels, not just at the level of healing your physical ailment but healing the whole situation and that’s what true and sustainable healing is.
- Delhi, India

Mani is a wonderful, very loving and generous healer with a clear focus and a pure intent. I found her healing to be very loving just as the KwanYin is told to be, and I have enjoyed Mani's gentle and sweet manner in working with my sensitive energy. I recommend Mani to anyone who is looking for a gentle and deep healing that also gives insight into your current life.
- Japan

I strongly wish to write a few lines about the person who brought sunshine in my life, when I was going through an unpredictable dark phase of my life, hardly aware of how to come out of it. She brought me out of the mess and that too, with elegance .I am grateful enough to get your advice & a magical healing touch!
I could have ne’er ever imagined of getting such a remote healing touch by you till it came all the way from Hong Kong at the right time, knocking my door with a soothing blow & motivating me when I needed it the most!

I was going through a dark phase of my life where everyday was no less than a battle, every minute was full of tension, every hour used to be like days, every known face seemed esoteric, every cohort harbored a feeling of jealousy, every colleague just wanted to pull me down; when I received a magic mail from Mani Goel, telling about the HEALING thing. I immediately stated my problems to her & queried her about my current state of life. I was overwhelmed to get a very quick & satiating response that motivated me to live again with full verve & enthusiasm that I had somehow forgotten to adorn since last 3-4 months. I found the healing close to my heart and I was flabbergasted to read the response, which was as if the HEALER is seeing through my life exactly as I am living it!

It was quite wonderful and stunning on her part to reveal the truth and that too, when she is not an astrologer or fortuneteller.

The world needs your healing Mani. May you keep on HEALING others, just as I got a chance to get my healing. Inshallah! (God willing)

It will be a great help to the mankind; I am lucky enough to get the right healing at the right time. Most importantly, what matters is the RIGHT TIME!

I would like to quote a few lines:
The earth is reeling & shattering with pain,
The world has moved on so much,
That the humans are going insane;
ALL what’s needed is the HEALING TOUCH!

"I had some emotional issues that needed attention, which I felt prevented me from moving forward, forming meaningful relationships and living a happier fulfilling life. After Mani's energy healing session I felt a lot more energized, joyful and generally lighter. As a result, I am now able to embrace any emotional challenges that enter my life."
- Hong Kong

Thank you so much for your session and sharing your Love Cards with me. I am reading one each day! I feel my heart opening as I read each one!
- Hong Kong

I would highly recommend Mani as a very sensitive and intuitive healer. Some of the messages she channelled for me were very accurate and her perception of issues that needed to be addressed totally surprised me since it was our first meeting and she could not have had any access to such personal information, unless coming from a Higher Source. Her guidance, wisdom, encouragement and healing for me was a very uplifting and liberating experience.
- Hong Kong

Mani is down to earth and yet peaceful in a nice way. Her reading brought some clarity where there was doubt, orientation where there was vagueness and much more. A time with her focusing on her spiritual contacts was like a gift. I recommend her.
Richard Wickes
- Hong Kong