Healing Workshops

I offer a variety of Healing Workshops for all levels of learners. All workshops except Sapphire Healing System are suitable for beginners. Sapphire Healing System workshops are available for those already attuned to one or more healing modalities, advanced and practicing healers or those who have completed any three days workshops with me.

  1. Atlantis and Lemuria Healing (Golden Ray of Wisdom and Ascension) – I began to channel this energy several months ago with the guidance to share it with the world urgently. This is a powerful energy of healing, illumination and oneness (Two Days)
  2. Sapphire Healing System – Advanced Healing for practicing Healers (Two Days)
  3. Healing with Angels Workshop - This workshop with enable you to connect with healing powers of Angels and use it to benefit yourself and others. (Two Days)
  4. Angels’ Wisdom Workshop - Connecting with your Guides and Angels Workshop and enhancing your intuitive abilities for living with greater clarity and wisdom. (One Day)
  5. Magna Heart Dimension (Heart Sutra) Healing with Goddess Kwan Yin - This workshop will enable you to reach into your heart, heal it, and start living with a state of joy, love and compassion towards yourself and others by connecting with the miraculous healing powers of Goddess Kwan Yin. (One Day)
  6. Healing with Archangel Raphael Workshop - Connecting with the mighty Archangel of Healing. (One Day)
  7. Connecting with Goddesses, Archangel Haniel and the Divine Feminine Workshop. (One Day)
  8. Connecting with Archangel Berakiel - the Angel for Good fortune, Abundance and Prosperity. Archangel Berakiel is a lesser-known Archangel and belongs to the order of Seraphim. I began channeling this energy few months ago. He comes to us to help us welcome prosperity in our lives while living our life purpose. (One Day)
  9. Connecting with Archangel Michael - the mighty Protector, Guide and Mentor. (One Day)
  10. Connecting with Archangel Nathaniel - Half day. (Connecting with the powerful Archangel who will fuel the power of your passion)
  11. Connecting with Fairies, Dolphins, Mermaids and Unicorns - (One Day)
  12. Connecting with Archangel Hamied - the glorious angel of miracles-also known as Amun Ra in Egyptian tradition- (One Day)
  13. Channeled Meditations: Two Hour guided meditation circle with a chosen light being or theme- Archangel Raphael, Kwan Yin Meditation, Archangel Hamied, Archangel Haniel Meditation, Healing Meditation, Abundance Meditation, Meditation for Inner Peace and Joy, Meditation with Archangel Michael, Love and Peace Meditation with Archangel Chamuel. All the meditations are channeled. ( Two Hours)
  14. *** Indigo and Crystal Workshop - I am now also Being guided to add a special workshop aimed towards the special generation of children and adults generally known as the Indigo Children. This workshop is suited for adults, parents, teachers, caretakers and teenagers from sixteen years and above. ( One Day)

All workshops are suited for practicing healers and those new to healing and are meant as a teaching tool for you to take charge of your life, start practicing healings for your self and others or to move forward on a new career path. For more details on individual workshops please go to – www.lovenlighten.com or contact us at- www.mani-healing.com.